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Rainfall Trends Analysis in context of Climate Change in Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Royal Nature Reserve (ITBA) – Saudi Arabia

By: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al-Dughairi

Department of Geography, College of Arabic Language and Social Studies, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia


Rainfall trend analysis, on different spatial and temporal scales, has been used during the past century as the indicate of global climate change by the scientific community. According to some recent studies, the Nature Reserve (ITBA) has been suffering a rainfall decrease, especially in the second half of the studied period (1993-2018). The aim of the present study is to analyze the rainfall trends using the time series of 52 years in five rain stations (Linah, Rafha, Ha’il, Dawmat Al Jandal and Hafr Al Batin) surrounding the Nature Reserve of (ITBA) that extended on area of about 91500 km2 in the Northeast of Saudi Arabia. The trends analysis of annual rainfall, rainy days, shows that the fluctuations or variations in climatic parameters is a recurring phenomena in the studied stations. Inter-annual variability of the rainfall and the actual mean of daily rainfall are characterized by the high coefficients of variation, varying from 0.73 (Linah) to 0.83 (Ha’il) and from 0.53 (Linah) to 1.09 (Rafha), respectively. The variance test of Fmax-ratio method indicates the homogeneous annual rainfall distribution at Linah, Rafha and Ha’il, the homogenous rainy days distribution at only Ha’il and the homogeneous distribution of the actual mean of the daily rainfall at only Linah. The trends of annual rainfall, rainy days and actual mean of the daily rainfall obtained by using T-student test are significant in Ha’il and Dawmat Al Jandal, in all stations and in only Hafr Al Batin, respectively.


Annual rainfall, Rainy days, Actual mean of daily rainfall, Moving averages, Semi-averages, Variance, Statistical tests.

Department of Geography, College of Arabic Language and Social Studies, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

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